SHALL I???

My man lover who sparkless like a deelar cedar seulpture”
I have turned in to romantic poet Shelly because of you”
Shall I negotiate with the sun?
Shall I speak and change moon’s heart?
And increase total hours in my day, just for you.

Shall I arrange a palanquin as big as a plan?
Shall I tour along with you beyond the planter?
Shall I wave garland of lightning and for one per second?
Shall I change the space to bea but romantic, just for you!

Oh my ! I surrounded on all sides by your dreams.
I have become an island of love
If you in invite me by holding hands in hand,
I will follow you like a manacles of flowers for hundred years.

Shall I make a ring out of rainbow, and plant a small beautiful flowers plant, call it with your name, and nature it with all my love.


Shall I make your lips signet as a dullard wear?
It as necklace on my neck,
So that it always does cute gossiping with my heart.
In every coming birth,
Shall I follow you as your born lover?

Oh my God!!!
You’re given permission before I even request you’re my thousand cores girft”
Shall I put a request to the creator to create another world for us?
I want to run towards you, and come closer to you”

Penned by “OLUNLADE”

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