He told u you’re the only flower in his garden and u believe it have you ever seen a garden with one flower???
    People nowadays are like bluetooth if you stay close they connected if you go away they find new device
     Notice if you woman is happy with you before noticing if she cheat on you brother
    A woman is full capable of being faithful, temptation is not weakness all she want is LOVE, ATTENTION, HONESTLY, AND LOYALTY before she “cheat” she will wine, cry and complain out all the things that make her unhappy. A warning for DESTRUCTION pay attention to your woman never make her feel single or act as she was such
      Keep believing all girls are after your money brother till you end up marrying the one that is after you stingy man
      His jealousy doesn’t mean he loves you man just hate sharing pussy
     Don’t be happy wen you dump your girl brother your new girl was dumped by sum one too, so all of us used, even you Sevan OKIRIKA
      U can’t marry her because you see a man with her brother, did you know many man that sleep with you mother before your dad marry her ALUBARIKA no KOKO
     When you see a man that treat his woman like a princess it’s proof that be was raised by a queen
    If she is giving too much attention just consider urself lucky because maybe she love you so much that she doesn’t want anyone else to take her place in ur life.
     If she cries for you don’t think she is weak between consider urself lucky that she thinks you are worth her precious tears
     If she is jealous of the other woman around u don’t think she is insecure but she doesn’t want to see anyone else to be in ur arms
      If a woman says sorry to you even though it was not her fault don’t think she fear losing you  but she consider her relationship worth another chance and she doesn’t want anyone else to have you heart


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